Tuesday, February 11, 2014


                                                          February 11, 2014                  


I’m excited to let you know that a revised and updated version of my book will be published today by Random House! I worked hard to truly re-work the new version with an updated, compelling epilogue about the family, chapter on immigration, never before seen photos of Enrique and his family, as well as a Q & A with me. I have a new website up [www.enriquesjourney.com] with new teaching guides, photos, and even video of Enrique.

The book is coming out at the perfect time, since the recent adoption of Common Core Standards in schools across the U.S. means more students will be assigned non-fiction to read. My book puts a human face on the ongoing debate about immigration reform, and teaches readers and students about the migrants who live next door. Enrique’s story is the story of a million undocumented children living in the U.S. today.

The issue of children coming alone to the U.S. is more pressing than ever as the country faces a surge of unaccompanied children making their way north. Federal authorities expect up to 74,000 such children to be placed in federal custody this year, 10 times the number just three years ago.

I’m attaching the beautiful cover of the revised book, and you can look here for a press release by Random House, and a teaching guide geared to using the book with the Common Core Standards in schools.http://www.enriquesjourney.com/february-2013-2/ 

The book has already been chosen by 66 universities, scores of high schools, and 11 cities as a freshman or common read. With a young adult version published last August, middle schools are now adopting the book, too!

If you know a book club, readers group, English or Social Studies teacher, or anyone else who might be interested, could you forward this email to them or let them know?

Could you tell your children’s teachers about it?

As always, I am forever grateful for your support.

Sonia Nazario


Rovin said...

Since you seem to write this compassionate story about the plight of Enrique, I'm just wondering how you stand on the U.S. abortion rights issue?

svalleygirl said...

This story is so important, and so touching. Thank you for your journalism, courage, and hard work. We would love to have you speak to our large and passionate book club in Seattle, by video. We are a group of mothers who are mostly career women who strive to make a difference in our communities. Even 10-15 minutes could galvanize and further inspire us. My email is erikka@gmail.com

Unknown said...

Hi Sonia,

How can I donate money to Olga for her refugee center? I noticed that the link on your website isn't working correctly.

Thank you!