Monday, October 14, 2013

My Take on Immigration in the New York Times

Why do we keep trying the same three approaches when it comes to unlawful migration? In this op-ed, I suggest a better way.


Anonymous said...

have been away for 10yrs from my 2 daughters who my brother and his wife had to adopt upon my departure..there is only one problem and its a very big problem..with 2 of your proposals as far as eliminating the flight factor..many people are sacred to start thier own business for fear of being extorted, and even if you do happen to start a larger business it will still be prone to extortion by govt officials and thats in mexico, im sure its worse in el salvador and honduras..nice thought..but unless america really spends time lobbying with the latin american govt to not steal 90 percent of teh tax payers money and try to invest 10 of it, instead investing the whole 100 percent of teh tax payers money and not stealing it..then we might make progress on a new democratical anti corrupt society but until that kind of intervention comes from the usa then we will still be teh 3d world taht evryone comes to use for vacations but hates as immigrants..peace and love

eman said...

Gripping isn't it.
The problem bedeviling the forces battling it out over immigration reform is that each promotes an overly simplistic image of undocumented immigrants. If you listen to the immigrant advocacy organizations, the undocumented are hardworking men and women who do no wrong in their pursuit of a better life.

The idea of getting to know immigrants in a bid to connect human faces and real stories such as this, with the immigration situation in the USA is what led me to embark on this documentary project. Check for more info and please support us.

Concerned with where my tax money goes said...

I very much agree that the problems with immigration need to be addressed at the source - in the countries that are driving the immigrants to run away from home. Your research and reporting on the subject were on target and, I believe, should be sent directly to Congress and the President! Thank you.

Also, I have a suggestion, I know this is not your area, but maybe you know a reporter who would be interested in doing the same kind of research about our problems with health care. I believe that these problems should also be addressed at the source - the high cost of medical care. Instead of trying to pay for rising medical costs, figure out how to bring those costs down!