Thursday, June 14, 2012

Please vote!

My book, Enrique's Journey, has been nominated as one of three finalists for Denver's One Book One Denver program. 
I have seen, in many trips to Colorado, the real need for greater discussion about immigrants. If you agree a more robust, nuanced, and open discussion about immigrants would be a good thing, please take 30 seconds to vote to make Enrique's Journey the City of Denver's Book for 2012.
Voting ends June 22, 2012.
Please take a moment now to help make this happen! Ask your friends on Facebook and elsewhere to vote.
Here's the link:
Thank you for your support!
Sonia Nazario

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Elasha Fain said...

Dear Ms. Nazario,

I have been reading Enrique's Journey and it is so heart breaking what these young kids and adults go through by the time they get to the United States. It's especially heartbreaking how immigrants are treated once they are here. I feel like we should welcome them somewhere with lots of love and care!

I would love to support organizations who help immigrants, but haven't been able to find much about them. I imagine it is a political issue, but was wondering if you might know of any or know how I could help.

Thank you again for bravely tracking down this story and bringing it to light!